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[Books I Never Got Around to Finishing And Am Ashamed I Didn't]

The books above are all magnificent books. I read about half of each, set them aside because something else had caught my eye, and never got back to them. I regret never having finished them.

  • And Where Were You Adam?, Heinrich Boll.

    I tried to read this book in the original German. I still have it, but managed only about, once again, half. The copy I have is named "Wo Warst du Adam?" and it is by Heinrich Boell (the best I can do with the umlaut problem). I think it is probably hard slogging even if you are not handicapped by lack of fluency. Never tried it in English. I am ashamed that I didn't finish it because it seemed an excellent book and it would have been the only full-length work I had read in German outside of class.

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    Man cannot live by great thoughts alone, he must have food. I love to eat and I love to cook and I love to read cookbooks. My favorites are the ones with lots of background info and serious cooking poodah (FOODPOODAH?). Here are a few: